Conversation sessions

In addition to Informal Conversation sessions and practice for GCSE students – for which please see the sub-pages under this heading – it is also the aim of the Association to provide formal, structured conversation sessions.

To date – December 2019 – the information below is current.

Conversation evenings

We had our first conversation evening in December 2012, and it proved a great success! For this first event in a hopefully long series, (note from the editor; it was the only one to date – November 2019!), participants brought a dish or some food that says “French”; we were therefore lucky enough to sample a wide variety of French food, such as homemade ratatouille, quiches and fruits tarts, pâtés, saucisson, cheeses.

The idea is just to have a chat in French with other members, and gain confidence in practising the language, in a relaxed atmosphere around a drink and nibbles.

Is anyone prepared to resurrect these?  It would be nice to try to organise one two or three times a year.

For more information, please contact

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