Conversation sessions


Informal conversation

Our secretary had the excellent idea to introduce informal French conversation sessions in the pub, late morning. The first on took place early November at the Dairyman in Brentwood High Street, and it is now an established monthly event. Keep an eye on our Home page, on our Facebook account or follow us on Twitter to be kept in the loop. All welcome to practice your French pour parler français !

Conversation evenings

We had our first conversation evening in December 2012, and it proved a great success! For this first event in a hopefully long series, participants brought a dish or some food that says “French”; we were therefore lucky enough to sample a wide variety of French food, such as homemade ratatouille, quiches and fruits tarts, pâtés, saucisson, cheeses.

The idea is just to have a chat in French with other members, and gain confidence in practising the language, in a relaxed atmosphere around a drink and nibbles.

All levels are welcome and we try to organise one every quarter.

It is free and details will be made available to members for each evening. For more information, please contact brentwoodfrench[at]


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