Social Committee 2019-2020

The Social Committee is a non-constituted body elected to help the Social Secretary to plan, organise and stage Social Events throughout the year.  Such events are required in order to raise money to fund the programme of visits for our friends from Montbazon in alternate years.

The members of the Social Committee are responsible for planning and executing an interesting and varied series of activities for members, family, friends and others interested in the Twinning to enjoy.  Some events are purely social in their nature and are run on a break-even basis

There are usually six to eight events per year, a few of which are only open to members.

The Social Committee comprises:

  • David Williams            Social Secretary, ex-officio, Chairman
  • Judith Ripley                Administrative Secretary
  • George Dunseath         Treasurer
  • Sue Kortlandt               Executive Chairman, ex-officio
  • Jenny Daly
  • Brian Davis
  • Diane Matthews
  • David Minns
  • Annie Tweedy