Visit 2014

Montbazon visited Brentwood between 21st and 26th August. We had hosts for all our visitors and the Social Committee put together a packed programme for this 20th Anniversary visit.


Thu 21st Aug: Host met their guests as they arrived in the early evening by coach.

Fri 22nd Aug: The party was taken to visit the Olympic Park, experience the Emirates Cable Car and have lunch at the O2 Arena. In the evening there was a Reception given by the Mayor of Brentwood at the Town Hall.

Sat 23rd Aug: Free day with hosts, and in the evening, meet in groups for soirées at members’ homes.

Sun 24th Aug: A visit to Chatham History Dock Yard

Mon 25th Aug: A ramble in Epping Forest and a visit to Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge with picnic, then an introduction to cricket organised by Bentley Cricket Club.
– unfortunately, rain spoilt the afternoon and cricket had to be cancelled 😦

That final evening, we celebrated in style our 20th Anniversary at Hylands House.

Tue 26th Aug: Our French guests left for Montbazon in the morning.


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