Visit 2013

The English delegation went on their visit to Montbazon 25-30th July this year, and what a programme the French had prepared for us!

A visit to the fantastic Zoo Beauval on our first day followed by a free day with our hosts. On the Sunday, we could choose between a walk to the Château d’Artigny and have a coffee there, or a wine tasting & quizz back in Montbazon, followed by the French Mayor’s reception and a visit of an exhibition at the new arts centre.
The final day took us to the magical Château du Rivau and the Forteresse du Faucon Noir where we were treated to a medieval supper.

Loads of pictures have been shared with members, here’s just a taster… If you want to learn more, get in touch or come along to our coffee morning on Saturday 21st September 🙂

IMG_1832 IMG_2232 IMG_3015 IMG_3031 IMG_3041311


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