Tennis May 2013

7729561balle-tennis-jpgHutton and Shenfield Union Church Lawn tennis club visited Montbazon for a friendly match, and here Clive Garrod tells us what happened (the full article will be published in our Newsletting rounding up 2013 events, in January 2014)


“The party from Hutton and Shenfield Union Church Lawn tennis club comprised Clive Garrod, Mark Feeley, Peter Mayell and Ian Gunn were met at the airport by Valerie Milcent […] and welcomed by the chairman of the twinning Laurence Leblevec. […]

The tennis match took place on the Saturday afternoon. We were met at the club by Gerard Dutour the tennis club chairman. […] the match was played in front of a good natured French crowd of about forty. Brentwood won the match 3 -1. Afterwards Louisa Ferreira very kindly organised some drinks for all involved. Speeches were given by Gerard Dutour and by Bernard Revêche the mayor of Montbazon. […] The occasion was very relaxed and we were very grateful for the hospitality of our hosts. We have invited Montbazon tennis club back to our club for a return match.

The final two days of our trip were spent driving in the Loire region and visiting the chateaux of Chenonceau, and Villandry which we thoroughly enjoyed. […]

All the people we met were very friendly and we were all made to feel welcome. All of us hope to return to the region again some time in the future.”

And you check out the pictures on our facebook page:

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