Historic Events

French Conversation Evening

Saturday 29 February 2020  –  7.30pm to 10.00pm

chez Diane Matthews



Please contact Diane: dianeatromford@aol.com by 25th February to confirm your attendance

Fête des Rois

Saturday 11 January 2020

The eight “kings”

If you didn’t attend our Festival of the Kings event this year, you missed an extremely pleasant, jovial evening.  Our volunteer chefs cooked a very tasty chicken chasseur followed by the traditional Galette des Rois.  Fortunately no teeth were broken on the hidden fèves inside, and by the end of the evening we had eight Kings/Queens.

The picture quiz challenged a few people, but the winning score was an impressive 49 out of 50! We were delighted to welcome the Mayor and Mayoress and also 3 visiting students from Japan, who must have been rather confused by a group of British people celebrating a French tradition!

A fun, friendly event which we all enjoyed enormously.
Judy Ripley

Pre-Festive Event

Sunday 8 December 2019

Before the gannets destroyed the lovely food on offer

Members of the Twinning Association we were once again welcomed to the home of two of our members for this (what has now become an annual) social occasion.  A fun, friendly event which we all enjoyed enormously.

We enjoyed sausages, sausage rolls, vegetarian options, cheese and biscuits and mince pies, all helped down by a variety of drinks including mulled wine.

The return of Santa’s Lotto gave us the opportunity to “bring and buy” a wide choice of items from Wimbledon coasters to a bottle of Champagne!

Judy Ripley

Murder Mystery Evening

Saturday 9 November 2019

Little did we know that when we arrived at South Weald Parish Hall for the Murder Mystery evening, we would actually be participating in an AGM of the Village Society of Vixen Match and would be witnesses to a murder.  The cast of the drama were volunteers from those attending.

The plot was gradually unveiled. Claire, the chair of the meeting (Sue Kortlandt), was poisoned by a cup of herbal tea, provided by Alan (Colin Miers) whose speciality was herbal teas and botanicals.  The various suspects, all with motives, were then interrogated by a detective (Graham Greenaway), conveniently present at the meeting.

We then had an opportunity to try and guess the perpetrator. After the fish and chips and further interrogation by the detective, we had a second chance to try and guess the murderer.  A hard task as not many guessed correctly.  The perpetrator turned out to be Fleur (Clara Greenaway) who had a grudge against Claire over Claire’s opposing of her planning application for kennels.  She had said previously that Fleur’s pet dog should be shot. Fleur had surreptitiously supplied the poisonous herbal tea, grown in her flower workshop, to the innocent Alan.

Fortunately, the evening ended on a lighter note with a raffle, with thanks being given to Viv Northall for devising such an entertaining evening.

It was amusing to note that the detective and the assassin were played by husband and wife.

Rita Anderson

Pilgrims Korai or
Spice up the Autumnal Night!

pil kor2
pil kor

A new fundraising venture for the French Town Twinning took place on Tuesday 8 October at the Pilgrims Korai restaurant in Pilgrims Hatch.  26 members and friends were present.

The restaurant was open as usual but the 26 of us were in the majority sat around long tables on each side of the restaurant.

At £15 per head, OK you had to buy your own drinks but the prices were not extravagant, and that included one raffle ticket, the evening was excellent value.  We had a starter and a main course, both of which catered for all dietary requirements and also proved to be pretty substantial.

The Social Committee are bound to want to repeat this event, so watch our for future dates.

Jenny Daly