Rois & Reines

Our Fête des Rois was a great success on 7th January. Once again, the food was excellent and participants enjoyed a nice Porc à la Normande before delecting themselves with home made galettes.

It was a good opportunity for everybody to catch up in a cheerful atmosphere and in the end we crowned 6 kings and queens after they found a fève (favor) in their galette. Click here to view the pictures.

Fête des rois announced on 7th Jan

The yearly fête des rois is now set for Saturday 7th January, book to join us by 31st Dec and see if you get the fève. Details here.
And after the event, we would be grateful if you could take some time to leave us some feedback on the event using the form below (did you enjoy it? was anything missing? can you suggest an idea for another event to help us raise funds for the next visit?).