About us

Brentwood/Montbazon Town Twinning Association

Since the signings in 1994/5 Brentwood has been twinned with the beautiful town of Montbazon in the valley of the river Indre in France.

Although only 10kms away from the bustling city of Tours on the river Loire, Montbazon is everything one could wish for in a typical French town. It is centred around its town hall, the Mairie, with the river Indre passing sleepily through the town, meandering past its medieval Donjon de Foulque Nerra and water mills, mansions, vineyards, historic castles and chateaux creating a haven of peace in its green valley, ‘Place Brentwood’ is in the centre of the town, which also boasts luxury and more simple hotels, restaurants, bars and picturesque camp sites.

Town twinning

Town twinning is for people of all ages who want to make new friends in Brentwood and in our twin town. Every year exchanges take place, alternately year by year, with up to 40 people visiting Montbazon or Brentwood, hosting each other in families. A warm welcome is assured during every visit and lifelong friendships have been formed.

During the visits, which last up to 6 days, a busy programme of trips out and social events are organised by the town twinning committees. The association has to raise all of the monies necessary for this by a programme of regular fund raising events between visits.

Here is a our history, kindly staged in a YouTube video by Montabazon about the history of this town twinning: https://youtu.be/PtlvgMqvYQM

The association

The association is entirely self-supporting apart from a small grant given to us each year by Brentwood Borough Council to cover our administration costs. Events are held in Brentwood at approximately 2 monthly intervals to raise the sums needed to entertain our friends in Montbazon, serving also to forge friendships amongst the members in Brentwood. Membership is open to all.

It has always been a pleasure and a part of the associations’ programmes that the respective Mayors of our 2 twin towns meet and greet us during visits. The civic link is very important and our links have also been strengthened by exchanges between orchestras, gardeners, football teams, and students to name but a few.

New links are now being forged between the children and students in our schools, something that we are very keen to encourage, perhaps through the Internet to start with.

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It is not necessary to either offer accommodation or to visit Montbazon to be a member of the town twinning association although the benefits from doing this are not to be exaggerated. Nor is it necessary to speak French. Sign language will do! It will add to the fun. If you do wish to be involved in the exchanges we will do our best to match you with people of similar interests to yourselves. Details here.